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What Our Customers Are Saying About Hazel's...

We just received the brownie delivery and immediately dug in! I have to admit I was skeptical that brownies shipped in a box could be "all that", but ohhhhh how wrong I was :) They are amazing! You need to remain in that kitchen baking brownies for the rest of your life! Everyone needs to order Hazel's Not So Old-Fashioned Gourmet Brownies NOW!


Mountain View, CA

Our Hazel's Espresso Coffee Brownies arrived yesterday so FRESH, MOIST and DELICIOUS!! These are amazing.

Scott V.

Santa Clara, CA

"I think these were good... my wife ate them all before I could try them. Based on her response, I suggest everyone order more than a few boxes, they go fast!"

Brandon F.

Grand Junction, CO

"Got the brownies! Yeah!! And love the t-shirt. Thanks!!! This will be so much fun at the girls reunion in Lake Tahoe. Thanks ever so much!!!"

Sue B.

Centennial, CO

"We got the assortment box and all the flavors were so so good. My family and I split up the flavors so we would each get 4, one of each flavor. I couldn't believe how fresh they were. I also couldn't believe how quickly they were gone. We are definitely ordering more!"

S. Parker

Fort Myers, FL

"Those were excellent! Just sampled them after lunch. Créme Brûlèe was my favorite, but they were all good!"

Manuel Z.

Dalllas, TX

"Our son in Alaska got the brownies. He said the brownies were great and even told us we should get some for ourselves because they were so good. Thanks for getting those to him."

Erin T.

Thornton, CO

"Will certainly keep you in mind when sending out to corporate clients. I think they would be a great fit for financial advisors and mutual fund wholesalers to replace the standard Harry & David stuff."

Michael H.

Los Angeles

"I'll be sure to keep your brownies in mind when we have company events and gatherings in the future."

Mike B.

Las Vegas, NV

"Brownies aren't just for dinner desserts. I love my brownies with coffee in the morning...a perfect way to start the day. Even better when you pair them with a matching t-shirt."

Jack S.

Elk Lake, PA

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