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June 8, 2020: Vineyards by the Viaduct, Nicholson PA -Cancelled 

July 25, 2020: Wine Under the Waves, Electric City Aquarium, Scranton PA-Cancelled

September 26, 2020:  Utica Chocolate and Wine Festival, Utica NY

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Hazel Murphy was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1916, the only daughter in a family of 4 brothers. Her grandparents had emigrated from Ireland in the 1800’s in hopes of offering their children a better life and all that the new America had to offer. That hope was later fulfilled in the lives of their grandchildren as Hazel and her brothers grew up in the post-war era of the roaring 20’s. Family gatherings always featured wonderful meals including tasty treats from both the new world and the old. Chocolate baked goods became one of the Murphy clan's favorite deserts.


One of Hazel’s favorite treats for her children were her brownies. Hazel’s brownies were always a big part of her children’s lives: lunch box treats, after school snacks, Girl Scout meetings, Boy Scout events, summer little leagues, swim camp and many family gatherings.


With great love, Hazel’s old-fashioned traditions of wholesomeness and original flavor have been carried on by a new generation offering new hip flavors like coffee-espresso, creme brûlée, golden almond and chocolate toffee. We hope you'll enjoy sharing Hazel’s Gourmet Brownies as much as she did!

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